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Comprehensive cloud data protection
In today's world, change is the only constant. Cloud data protection can be quickly and easily implemented as part of your overall data management strategy. With comprehensive data protection control, you'll have the flexibility to manage changing data needs. You may also find improved operational efficiency and costs savings.
Be cloud ready. Commvault provides the intelligent data management platform you need to store, protect, manage and use data across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and today's most popular public and private cloud options. From one dashboard, manage backups, archives and disaster recovery across applications, databases, virtual machines and SaaS.
You should be able to finish this assessement in about 10 minutes.
What are you looking to do in the cloud?
Data protection to the cloud
Cloud as a disaster recovery target
Workload migrations to and from the cloud
Office 365 protection
Data protection of SaaS applications
Data protection of PaaS applications
How much data are you managing (TB)?
Total amount of data that is Office 365 (TB) (mail, OneDrive, SharePoint)?
Total amount of SaaS data that is being managed (TB)?
Total amount of PaaS data that is being managed (TB)?
Number of data protection products that are being managed?
What percentage of your data are you looking to manage / move in the cloud?
Number of cloud providers total do you anticipate using within 12 months?
How long do you intend to retain your data (months)?
Are you looking to displace tape?
Annual Savings
savings in storage due to dedupe savings
savings with tape elimination
savings from facility costs
Annual Savings
savings in backup costs
savings in SLA compliance
Annual Savings
savings in FTE time spent on backups
savings in managing disparate environments
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Cloud backup and recovery is an important part of your overall data protection strategy. Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery provides fast and efficient data protection across cloud and on-premises locations.
Dedupe impact Current Cost Benefits Proposed Cloud storage (TB) Cost of storage ($/GB/Month) Monthly cost Total Annual Cost
Total Annual Benefit
Tape Elimination Current Cost Benefits Proposed Tape storage (TB) Cost of tape ($/GB/Month) Cost of cloud storage ($/GB/Month) Monthly cost Total Annual Cost
Total Annual Benefit
CoLo or DR facility costs Current Cost Benefits Proposed Annual cost of CoLo or facility Annual cost of DR Facility Total Costs
Total Benefit
Backup Reliability Current Cost Benefits Proposed Percentage of times a backup doesn't complete on time Days that a backup doesn't complete on time Average hours to reconcile a failed backup Total time wasted on backups (hours) Average salary Total Cost
Total Benefit
SLA Current Risk Benefits With Commvault Chance of a SLA failure over the next 12 months Cost per SLA failure (mitigation labor, fines and penalties) Total Annual SLA Risk Cost
Total Annual SLA Risk Benefit
Reduce Unplanned Downtime Current Benefits With Commvault Number of unplanned downtime hours experienced over the past 12 months related to your data, storage and backup systems Average cost per unplanned downtime hour Annual unplanned downtime impact
Annual Unplanned Downtime Avoidance
Improve RPO and RTO Current Benefits With Commvault RPO compliance for mission critical apps Downtime cost per hour Total RPO cost RTO compliance for mission critical apps Downtime cost per hour Total RTO cost Average recovery time for other (non mission critical) business applications Downtime cost per hour Total recovery time cost Total RPO and RTO Costs
Total Benefit
Backup Administration Costs Current Benefits With Commvault Data, storage and backup administration task FTEs Percentage of time spent on backup administration Backup administration Percentage of time spent on backup reporting Backup reporting Percentage of time spent on finding data for recovery Searching for and finding data for recovery Total FTEs Average burdened salary per FTE Total Backup Administration Costs
Annual IT Administrative Savings
Data Protection and Management Infrastructure Savings Current annual spending Benefits With Commvault Data storage and management hardware Data storage and management software Data storage and management services Compliance, eDiscovery and insurance solutions and services Total
Annual Infrastructure Savings